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Workplace design has evolved

About us.

Jansen Wall Solutions is a young player in the office partitions market. Although young in age, Jansen Wall Solutions has a strategic team at its core with several years of experience in operations and management, at some of the biggest national and international office partitions’ companies in the industry.

Jansen Wall Solutions was born in 2012, after gathering a team that, altogether, gathered a set of important experiences in office partitions projects worldwide. Since then our vision has been to become a global office partitions brand, with an active role in shaping the future workplace, recognized for its products’ design and innovation and for its global reach.

What we stand for


We make a range of exquisite products in-house. In a connected playing field all our factories are BIM-driven.

Within our next-level production environment, we even process waste into innovative new products.


From our knowledge and competence as a construction group, we create modular and sustainable products which will elevate your space to next-level experience. In doing so, we aim for above-market standards. In addition, we only choose certified partners. The highest quality in both work and products – that is just pure logic.


We breathe innovation! We look for new ideas inside as well as outside the company. Can we make it better, smarter, more eye-catching? Our own R&D, design and engineering departments are ready to take on your most dazzling wishes.


We relentlessy pursue new solutions. In other words, if our technology is going to be rendered obsolete, we’d prefer to do it ourselves. We are quick to capitalize on new ideas.

Part of
Group Jansen.

Group Jansen is a unique renovation and construction company specialized in interior finishing and techniques. A challenger that dares to think outside the box. As a construction group, we challenge clients and ourselves with innovative, in-house products and atypical solutions. Our family tradition, our drive for innovation and having a woman as our “front man” make Group Jansen something exceptional in the construction industry. We work hard (and always from the heart) with plaster, steel and much more. But, above all, we work with and for people.

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Jansen Wall Solutions

Design, engineering and R&D
Fabriekstraat 2, 3670 Oudsbergen (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 11 79 92 00
Rua da Industria 34A
2710-414 Sintra (Portugal)
Tel.: +351 210 987 486
BTW PT 510162541

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