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Meet our walls

Are you looking for a creative way to revitalize your office in line with your corporate identity? Do you need silent spaces where you and your
team can focus on getting the job done? Or, on the contrary, a space that elevates everyone’s heartbeat?

Are you looking for eco-friendly partitions that are quick and easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble?

Well … we’ve got walls for you!

Single-glazed walls


Dream, click, enjoy

J’Clickd combines flexibility, sustainability and endless creativity. Originally in bamboo, now available in a broad range of materials.

  • Organic and timeless look
  • Unique clipping system
  • Sustainable solution

Also available as a double-glazed wall solution or a solid panel version.


Get the basics right

J’Slim is a single-glazed, frameless wall solution. It lets you enjoy a minimalistic look with exceptional flexibility.

  • Minimalistic look
  • Modern style
  • Competitive price

Double-glazed walls


Great view, great sound

J’Acoustic is a double-glazed, frameless wall solution that tackles a dual necessity: attractive design and marvelous acoustic performance.

  • Superb aesthetics
  • Minimalistic look with clean lines
  • Unique integration of techniques and sliding doors


Structurally sound

Where unlimited modularity meets ultimate functionality and aesthetics! J’Skin is a double-glazed wall system that offers superior performance.

  • High-end look
  • Perfect combination of robustness & minimalism
  • Seamless bibloc solution

Solid walls


Multifunctional with a big M

J’Plus measures up to any desire for a modular wall: variety, modularity, sustainability, extreme functionality and much more. You name it!

  • Endless variation
    and combination of panel fillings
  • Perfect partner for our
  • Structure in steel
  • High physical values: get a plus on impact resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance and height


Full privacy, endless variety

J’Solid goes beyond just replacing gypsum walls. Enjoy 100% modularity and great acoustics. Its versatile structure allows a wide range of finishings, making it the perfect solution for every room.

  • Aluminium structure with opaque modular walls
  • Can be combined with any Jansen wall system
  • Perfect partner for our accessories
  • Wide range of finishings


Great view, great sound

J’Lab is the ideal wall solution for hospitals and cleanrooms created in collaboration with our cleanroom building department.

  • Modular, modifiable and reusable
  • Integration of important lab equipment
  • Meets all common clean room
    standards and tests 2 to 3 times faster than conventional construction
  • Both vertical and horizontal modulation are possible

Intrigued by our range?


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