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J'Clickd - Office modular wall

About J'Clickd

J’Clickd is an innovative system for constructing single glass walls. The circular system consists of only three parts:

–     a steel spring clip;
–     skirting boards;
–     and glass. 

The bamboo skirting boards cover the full contours of the windows and door frames so that the spring clips are completely concealed.
A modular office wall that meets all requirements!


Flexibility & circularity

Don’t let your space limit you. Dare to dream big! Thanks to J’Clickd’s high-end modular office walls, you can transform any setting as you wish.

J’Clickd, your click with flexibility and circularity
With our patented system you take control and give each space the contours you want and need. An extra meeting room? An enclosed space for delicate telephone conversations? Or a high-focus space? J’Clickd gives you the freedom you’re looking for. By the way, going for a new prime location? Our walls are happy to move with you. With easy disassembly and reassembly, you won’t hesitate for a second.

J'Clickd - Office modular wall


For us, flexibility and sustainability go hand in hand. The best proof of this?

  • Our choice of bamboo: it looks like wood, but make no mistake. Our J’Clickd system is built with a bamboo framework. Bamboo is one of the most
    sustainable products on the market. This fast growing grass species (as much as 25 centimeters per day!) is CO² negative over its entire life cycle.
  • Our manufacturing process: we choose sustainable materials such as bamboo and metal and extend the line to the assembly/disassembly of our system deliberately omitting raw materials. Seals with silicone? Joints that need to be glued? That’s where J’Clickd fits in. Every connection is mechanical and, in other words, you put together smoothly or take apart in no time. Our starting point is simple: we go for a minimum of material and a maximum of durability.
  • Our choice of quality: J’Clickd has outstanding lifespan.
J'Clickd - Office modular wall


A journey of a thousand sites begins with a simple click. Thanks to our simple and innovative idea, you move J’Clickd to any location you want. All without sacrificing quality!

J’Clickd scores in several areas

  • Simplicity: an ingenious and patented system of single glass walls, bamboo framing/plinths and steel spring clips. That’s all you need!
  • Quick installation: no hassle in mounting or dismounting your relocatable walls.
  • Stability: with J’Clickd you can organize your space safely and securely.
  • Sound insulation: our in-house R&D department focused on perfect acoustics: up to 39 dB.


Enjoy where you are now and later!
Flexibility, circularity, sustainability and simplicity in a beautiful design? J’Clickd also delivers on that promise. Thanks to J’Clickd, you enjoy a calm and organic look that comes into its own in any interior. What’s more, you also invest in a timeless solution. Because J’Clickd is and remains contemporary. Now and in the future.

office modular wall

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